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We offer express bathing and grooming for your dog in a pleasant environment.

We use an advanced rinse free shampoo called Pure Oxygen. This product uses the power of oxygen to kill odours, clean and makes hair incredibly soft and shiny. It’s 100% Non-Toxic to your pet, and is environmentally friendly.

This deep cleaning system works from the skin up removing dirt, dander, odour and bacteria. Leaving a fresh clean dog and a glossy coat in less time than if you were to bathe your dog at home!

Come to us for a convenient and stress-free bathing experience!

Our Mission

To offer dog owners a convenient and affordable way to keep their pets clean while ensuring your dog has a safe and relaxed experience. With a revolutionary system dogs will no longer be bathed the conventional way. To us dogs are not just a man’s best friend; they are a valued member of the family. We are committed to providing quality, professional services with exceptional results.